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These disclosures are made in accordance with California AB 1200 and Colorado HB 1345.

The California Safer Food Packaging and Cookware Act of 2021 (or AB 1200), was signed into law on October 5, 2021. Among other things, this law bans paper-based food packaging containing PFAS chemicals. In addition, it requires cookware manufacturers to disclose the presence of certain chemicals in handles and food-contact surfaces, and prohibits misleading advertising on cookware packaging.

Colorado HB 1345 was signed into law on June 3, 2022 and also requires the disclosure of PFAS chemicals in cookware handles and food-contact surfaces.

TECHEF nonstick cookwares (except Ceramic-coated CeraTerra Collection and ValenCera Collection) contains the following intentionally added PFAS chemicals for their nonstick properties: polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), fluorinated ethylene and propylene (FEP), and perfluoroalkoxy alkane polymer (PFA).

TECHEF products are not in violation of any state or federal safety regulations. Both AB 1200 and HB 1345 do not specify a minimal content level to trigger disclosures.

AB 1200 is a "right to know law" for the state of California that requires a disclosure if any amounts of AB 1200 chemicals on the authoritative list are intentionally added to the product.

For more information about AB 1200, visit

The authoritative lists of AB 1200 candidate chemicals can be found here

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