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Cookware refresh program

Is Your TECHEF Cookware 2 Years Old?

Get a Replacement for Free



At TECHEF, we're dedicated to enhancing your culinary journey. That's why we're thrilled to announce our "Cookware Refresh Program" – a special initiative designed for our loyal customers!

  1. Eligibility: If you've been enjoying your TECHEF nonstick cookware for at least 2 years, this offer is for you!

  2. Submit Your Proof: Kickstart your refresh journey by sending us a picture and a copy of your receipt for your 2-year-old TECHEF nonstick cookware. Simply email this to with the subject "Cookware Refresh."

  3. Receive Your Special Code: Upon verifying your eligibility, we'll send you a unique code. This special code is your ticket to unlocking the refresh benefits.

  4. Purchase and Upgrade: Buy any new TECHEF cookware at or above your old item's price. Add both your new choice and the exact model of your old cookware to the cart. Apply your special code at checkout, and your old cookware’s cost disappears – it’s our gift to you!



Terms and Conditions

  1. Continental US Only: This program is open to residents of the continental United States only, excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and U.S. territories due to logistical limitations.

  2. Age Requirement: The cookware must be at least two years old to qualify for the refresh program.

  3. One-Time Refresh: Each eligible TECHEF nonstick cookware product can be refreshed only once under this program. 

  4. Exclusions: Products purchased from discount stores or unauthorized retailers are not eligible for the Cookware Refresh Program. To ensure fairness and the integrity of our program, only products bought at full price from authorized TECHEF retailers or directly from TECHEF qualify for this offer.

  5. Nonstick Cookware Exclusive: The Cookware Refresh Program is exclusively for TECHEF nonstick cookware, aimed at enhancing the nonstick cooking experience, and does not apply to other types of cookware or kitchen tools.

  6. Discontinued Item Clause: If a TECHEF item eligible for refresh is discontinued, a similar cookware product will be provided as a replacement, subject to availability.

  7. Purchase Requirement: Eligibility requires purchasing a new TECHEF item, ensuring the program benefits lead to an enriched cookware collection.

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