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Our carrying bag is constructed from a robust three-layer fabric, featuring a soft pad nestled between durable outer layers. This design ensures that your stove and accessories receive the highest level of protection from bumps, scratches, and the elements. The entire bag is padded, creating a secure cocoon for your outdoor cooking essentials.

Carrying Bag

  • Three-Layer Protective Fabric: Durable outer layers with a soft middle pad for cushioning.

  • Detachable Padded Divider: Conveniently separates the stove from griddles or pans.

  • Top Zipper Pocket: Provides extra space for storing utensils and cooking tools.

  • Inner Velcro Fastening: Ensures the stove remains secure and stable during transport.

  • All-Around Padding: Offers comprehensive protection to guard against impacts and scratches.

  • Portable and Durable: Ideal for camping, picnics, and outdoor cooking adventures.

  • Crafted in Korea: Expertly designed with high-quality standards.

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